Bylaw Section 940 Suspension

Bylaw Section 940 Suspension

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the ensuing quarantine issued by the President of the United States, Governors and Local Government Leaders. These local leaders have issued more stringent quarantine regulations, impacting our Department/Detachment elections and installations.

To avoid any potential problems or confusion for our Departments/Detachments, we are suspending the Bylaws Section 940 for 30 days. This covers only upcoming elections and installations. It will be effective starting today 17 March 2020 through 16 April 2020.

If during that period there is any change to the quarantine the Board of Trustees will look at the feasibility of reinstating the by-law and proceeding with the elections and installations. If the quarantine goes longer, we will consider extending the by-law suspension or possible alternative ways to hold elections.

We are in a crisis and need to do our part to safeguard our families and our members. Additionally, the Board asks that every Department/Detachment reaches out to their elderly members, make sure all is well and that they have plenty of food and supplies.

Stay safe and healthy.

Semper Fidelis,
Dennis Tobin
National Commandant/CEO
Marine Corps League

Department of Texas Marine Corps League

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